MQN Architects

The challenge was given to us… could we create a winning video from scratch, in only a few weeks, with tens of millions of dollars on the line?

Two Architectural Development companies (Ventana together with MQN Architects) were short-listed in the selection competition for the Medicine Hat Recreation Centre, a $50+ Million Project.

They came to Beacon Studios with a significant challenge… to make a video of their buildingconcept, selling its unique design features, based solely upon the design blueprints (which were daily being revised as the video was being made).

We had helped the companies successfully win a similar competition previously. This time, we had better software and better renderings to work with.

Our team met with the architects and designers, and flew to Calgary to meet the selection panel as well. In a few short weeks, we had;
1) finalized the pre-production details for our team
2) concurrently developed graphics, animations, and scripting for approval
3) created the narration and custom musical score
4) planned the animated fly-throughs
5) assembled all the pieces of audio, still renderings, video animation together,
6) presented the video for approval process
7) made revisions as the design details changed
8) created hardcopies of the final video for delivery in time for the deadline

You can see the finished work, as it illustrates all the most important design characteristics of this amazing architectural project.

Mission accomplished.